Frequently asked questions

Why choose EBEPLAN Industrial Equipment Ltd?
Because EBEPLAN does not force the same products on all inquiring companies. Personal contact with our buyers, overall assessment of our customers’ needs and selection of the most optimal solution are all very important to us. Our reference works built up over thirty years of existence are visible proof of our expertise and the outstanding quality of our products.

How can I contact EBEPLAN Industrial Equipment Ltd.?
You have several options: just give us a call by telephone, send a fax or e-mail message, but we will also be pleased to visit your contact person. Experience shows that such a personal visit brings out the questions that don’t even arise in written correspondence.

Why is personal contact so important?
When selecting a product or service, in addition to providing the price and the shipment deadline, choosing between the various available alternatives is crucial, thereby saving energy, time or servicing costs, possibly achieving a longer lifespan or less environmentally harmful effects, or finding other beneficial features. Discussion of these and responding to the questions that arise usually require a personal meeting.

Is EBEPLAN Industrial Equipment Ltd. a partner in implementing a technological change while the plant is in operation?
EBEPLAN always considers our customers’ operating practices. We treat the tasks to be carried out flexibly and always coordinate the scheduling of our own work with our clients.

How important is energy rationalisation to EBEPLAN Industrial Equipment Ltd?
Our company continuously makes recommendations to interested customers regarding energy-saving solutions. We not only offer our cost-efficient machines, but we substantiate our offer with calculations comparing energy utilisation, so as to enable the customer (operator) to plan the best return on investment and the ensuing financial advantages.

Do you just sell the products or do you also install them?
We work as demanded. You have the possibility to just buy the product but naturally, we will also be pleased to install the equipment. Installation is performed professionally and conscientiously by our own personnel who have excellent references and experience. In addition to installation, we also carry out servicing and any repair works and ensure continuous supply of spare parts.

We would be interested in your product or technological solution but we are at the other end of the country. Won’t this make your offer more expensive?
We ship our products by post or other means of delivery. Transport to distant points in the country will not significantly increase the costs. If we deliver complete technologies we try to make sure that our offer is overall competitive even if our site is at a distance from the customer’s. As most of our projects were completed in the Trans-Danubia (Dunantul) region or further in Hungary, we can say that our customers appreciate what we offer regardless of their location.

Do you also work abroad?
Yes, we have worked in almost all neighbouring countries and even had a project in Bulgaria. We have installed several projects in Romania, professional and acknowledged work compensates the extra cost that may arise from the distance.