Company profile

EBEPLAN was established nearly forty years ago with activities focusing the supply, installation and servicing of mechanical products for environmental and energy technology projects.

At first, the company operated only in Austria and was involved with trading pumps, concentrating entirely on special fluid technology machines. The products consisted mostly of large compressors, blowers or ventilators transporting aggressive materials where the fluid flow could be hazardous liquid, air or some kind of gas.


In the meantime, we got insight into the operation of wastewater treatment plants where large quantities of air intake was necessary for the use of activated sludge technologies. The other needs of wastewater plants and waterworks arose in connection with this activity which surfaced both in terms of product and some kind of technological problem.
Servicing of these needs led to a continuous expansion of our product and service range, which covered new products suitable for various purposes and produced by several manufacturers. Our product range continues to grow to this day, we perpetually seek the most reliable and possibly most cost-efficient solutions.


In 1997, the company’s headquarters moved to Hungary. The ownership structure also changed, but the company continues to have Austrian ownership. The largest change was that the company, now based in Szombathely, was no longer just involved in trade and planning, but we also offered various services, the range of which continues to grow year by year.